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POW! Uh-oh. You’ve taken one too many trips to the grocery store, and with loud exclamation, one of your garage doors springs has given up the ghost. Now, instead of being a helpful part of your home, the garage door is a terrifying mechanism that falls fast and slams into the ground or just doesn't open at all. Don't let your garage door become both a safety hazard and a potential source of further damage to your property. For expert garage door spring repair and garage door spring replacement throughout the Oklahoma City area, call Guaranteed Overhead Door. For the last 20 years we have been your local garage door spring installation experts.

garage door spring repair

 Garage door spring repair may be necessary for many reasons—there could have been an error in the original installation or perhaps a problem with the bearing plate which holds the springs in place. When undertaking a garage door spring replacement, the experts at Guaranteed Overhead Door take into account every factor which contributes to a doors smooth operation, such as bearings, drums, lift cable placement, proper spring size/tension, and more. There are two different kinds of garage door springs—torsion springs which mount to the wall above the door, and extension springs which run perpendicular to the door tracks. Both kinds of springs are under a great deal of tension and contain a lot of potential energy. Don’t risk your safety or eat up time trying to understand how the physics of a spring will affect your door’s performance. Leave that to us. Unwinding and rewinding the springs, calculating torque, determining accurate spring size—we do it all. And, unlike amateur repairs, Guaranteed Overhead Door is sure to perform your garage door spring replacement safely, effectively, and with the utmost pride all while protecting you and your family from incorrectly installed and dangerous springs. 

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 To ensure even performance, matching springs should be replaced at the same time. In order to know what type of spring and what degree of tension is required, you require the help of an expert who is educated in such calculations, like the professionals at Guaranteed Overhead Door. With our many years of experience, we will be able to quickly diagnose your garage door spring replacement needs. Each garage door spring replacement project requires specific spring types and a specific amount of torque as determined by your garage door’s height, weight and designated safe falling speed. Unlike other companies that guess, use whatever parts they have on hand, or sometimes use used parts, we ALWAYS install brand new high quality parts. We also weigh and measure every door to ensure the proper grade of spring is being installed. No matter what kind of door you have, no matter why your springs came un-sprung, Guaranteed Overhead Door can help. Call or e-mail us today to get scheduled. Springs are more complicated than they look. After all, these little springs are responsible for handling a door that weighs hundreds of pounds. When you’re dealing with all that potential energy, you’ll want to know what you’re doing. So if you don't, don’t risk it! Call the experienced, fully insured staff at Guaranteed Overhead Door, and we will have your door working faster than you can say, “Open sesame!”

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